Top 3 Best Textsheet Alternative

Top 3 Best Textsheet Alternative

Tired of not finding answers to the heaped pile of homework and assignments in your room? This process of fishing out the correct answers is itself a herculean task and amidst all this chaos, preparing for your exams is another burden to shoulder.

Textsheet was a rescue strategy for these students as it was the ultimate guide to finding answers to millions of questions from a plethora of textbooks and papers. It was a go-to website for students to rely on for completion of their assignments and projects.

The existence of this app is being addressed in the past sense because of its conviction under infringement of copyrights from its fellow competitor, Chegg. Chegg allegedly filed a complaint under DCMA against Textsheet which led to its expulsion.

Now that the most imperative tool is removed, the students are searching for alternative sites and apps which will provide the same services as the Textsheet services.


Top 3 Best Textsheet Alternatives

  • Chegg

Topping our list of the best alternatives to Textsheet is Chegg which is a total game-changer. It takes your question hunt to the next level. With the perfect guidance and expert help in finding suitable and noteworthy answers to your queries, it completes your work within half the time assigned. With Chegg services, you can receive help over 80 subjects in a day from over 5 million alternative responses to your questions. To receive Chegg’s top-class service globally, you need to pay to subscribe to its plans. The subscription takes place on a monthly basis through your credit card which is attached to your Google Pay account. So make sure you have all the necessary apps to proceed with your application. Another major perk of subscribing to this website is the free 30 minutes of online training that you receive at the beginning of your subscription. All your questions are answered and demonstrated by a tutor for 30 minutes, so don’t forget to grab this opportunity!

  • Sladder

Another famous site which is the second-best alternative to Textsheet is Sladder, through which you can successfully scan your textbooks and get answers at ease. There is no extra work with subscription required because it is entirely free of cost. All you need to do is use the bar code present on your textbook on the textbook scanner from the app, and you will find the book needed along with all the necessary answers. It is not as efficient as Textsheet, but it does provide you with alternative answers that compensate for it.

  • Course Hero

Another alternative to Textsheet is the Course Hero app in which students, as well as tutors, can register. It slides over 25 million course-related papers and can aid you in procuring the desired answers to your questions. You can conduct the search on its search bar by your school-name, subject or book. Search for anything and Course Hero guarantees to deliver commendable answers which can help you have the upper-hand on your projects and assignments. Another interesting fact is that you can earn by referring to your friends and uploading notes which might be beneficial to others. These alternatives are 100% plagiarism-free and is guaranteed to help you find your answers for you to submit your assignments and keep you up to date regarding courses and research papers.

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